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THE GREEN SHOW – Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse

Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo Gallery, Epic Center – September 2011
The Epic Center Green Exhibit included a FASHION SHOW and ARTIST'S MARKET. The theme
of this event was recycle, repurpose, reuse. Artists were asked to create new work(s) based on bits and pieces
of existing materials and to work in an environmentally friendly manner – materials, techniques, themes.

As Curator of this Event, I invited five area designers to each create two garments for the FASHION SHOW.
The evening of the Art Hop these garments were worn by models who interacted with the public –
a kind of “live manikin” approach. There was also a market area set up for designers to sell related work,
and at seven o'clock, there was a performance event in the WellSpring Theater which included a dance/music
presentation and a FASHION SHOW. Live music was created for the event by FINETUNING. – Maryellen Hains

Show Statement.

Judy Finnegan, Perelandra

Judy Finnegan, Perelandra
This duster was produced with a base of silk organza that served as a bridesmaid's dress in 1960, appliqués of deconstructed kimonos and obis have been added as well as other shards from the quilter's floor. A sparkle was introduced from an old earring. The accompanying garment was formerly a wall piece composed of handmade paper, copper and devore' velvet. It has been made wearable with the removal of the paper and the addition of ties and gathers.