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Maryellen Hains, Artist

About Maryellen Hains:

Art Related Timeline

I arrive in Kalamazoo to teach in the English Department at Western Michigan University. I take classes in clay from the Tom and Nancy Malone, basic jewelry from Steven Hansen and printmaking from Marie Combs at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. I teach my first class at the KIA – 8mm movie-making for teens.
I continue taking clay and printmaking classes and add photography, especially darkroom work. While on vacation in Mexico, I learn Silk Serti Painting.
I discover quilts as a fine-art medium, and create a series of pieces based on imaginative landscapes. These lead to a full-time commitment to fiber. I join the Log Cabin Quilters. I begin taking workshops from noted fiber artists – Michael James, Nancy Crow, Nancy Halpern, Wenda Von Weise and so on. Marie Combs and I create a new body of our own work each year and exhibit in two person shows. I work with a team to create Design and Color Classes for the National Quilting Association. I teach quilt design and painting-on-silk workshops nationally and show quilts internationally. My work wins awards and is published in art and quilt magazines internationally.
I take Jewelry classes at the KIA from Jeannette Maxey. I love the immediacy of the work, and seek out artists whose work I admire and take classes – Tim McCreight (PMC), Charles Lewton-Brain (fold forming), Linda Darty and Elizabeth Turrell (enamel), Susan Kingsley (hydraulic press), Marilyn deSilva (fabrication and color), Carol Webb (bimetal etching) and so on. I discover glass and take a beadmaking class from Cindy Jenkins. The KIA offers fused and kiln-cast glass with Gloria Badiner and Joan Carver. I begin to seek out glass classes and artists to work with and attend the Hot Glass Conferences with Gil Reynolds in Portland, Oregon.
I teach jewelry regularly at the KIA. I continue taking classes from artists whose work I admire. I experiment more and more with mixing materials and techniques in individual pieces – most on a jewelry scale. I take classes at the Smart Shop (welding) and start to work BIG with metal. I propose a series of classes for beginning artists on the "business of being an artist," and teach one-on-one and informal workshops. I begin to curate themed exhibitions that invite local artists of various backgrounds to work together on a common goal.
2011 +
I am taking time to reflect and beginning to define and set new goals and priorities for myself.